Matched Betting

Whether you're new to the world of matched betting or a successful veteran, this section will have something for you. Here we look at what to do, what not to do and the best way to do it. Most importantly, we give you the best ways to make money from matched betting.

May 18
Matched Betting, horse racing, each way betting, Betting Markets
There's more than one way to skin a cat, so the saying goes. And there's also more than one way to bet on a horse. That one's less graphic, so let's focus on that. This post will show you how to place an each way bet on a horse race.
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May 10
Matched Betting, Beating the Bookies, Casino
Trying to beat an online casino is impossible, right? Not quite...There are ways to swing the odds in your favour and make winning a more realistic outcome. But I’ll get to that later. First, I want to give you an overview of online casinos. For those of you who’ve never set a digital foot into an online casino, I’ll look at what they are...
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May 9
Matched Betting, horse racing, each way betting
Each way betting: An introduction Each way betting (EW or E/W) is a popular form of betting, usually done on horse racing. It can be used by bettors as a form of insurance should their chosen horse/horses narrowly fail to win. The place part of the bet effectively increases their chance of making a return, even if it’s not the fu...
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May 4
Matched Betting
There are a load of bookmakers around in the UK. And they're all desperate for your custom. Online bookmakers, in particular, offer potential customers numerous incentives. The idea of these is to entice you into joining them and they usually take the form of free bets. But things aren’t always as they seem, and these fr...
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May 3
Beginner, Betting Markets
Asian handicap betting is becoming one of the most popular ways of betting in football matches. But it’s pretty difficult for many people to grasp without explanation. When you see all the numbers and plus and minus symbols, it’s no wonder it looks so complicated!
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April 27
horse racing
Have you ever placed a bet on a horse race and had less returned to you than you expected? Maybe you've been told there was a reduction in the price of your bet. Or maybe you placed an each way bet, expecting your horse to be placed 3rd but didn't get paid out. If so, it's not necessarily something to worry about. You haven’t been cheated...
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April 25
Football is the most popular sport to bet on in the UK. And for a good reason! Not only is it the most popular sport, full stop, but the diversity of the game means that there are hundreds of different betting opportunities available. Here are some football betting tips for beginners. It's so easy to beome overwhelmed when you visit an on...
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April 24
sports betting
There's a reason that the popularity of sports betting has exploded in recent years. In fact, did you know that during the last recession, the gambling industry relentlessly continued to grow? That's because, in times of desperation, many people try their luck and think of ways that they can turn their hard earned money into… well, ev...
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April 19
Interview, accumulators
In the first part of our interview with OddsMonkey team member, Suzy Beth, I found out how long she'd been matched betting and just why her name might sound familiar.
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April 18
Football accumulators are now firmly embedded in Lad culture. There used to be a time when betting was seen as a silly thing to do, but now that it's been given a mainstream platform, more people are placing football accumulators than ever before. The thing with football accumulators, is that they allow people to dream big. We always see ...
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