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OddsMonkey Premium member 2016 matched betting profits

 December 16, 2016  Matched Betting, Profits

It's been a great year for OddsMonkey: we've re-freshed our website, brand and logo, welcomed a whole bunch of awesome new members and launched some fantastic new tools, including the AccaMatcher and RacingMatcher - phew!

We've received so many lovely comments and reviews over the year and it's been great to see the profits everyone is making month-on-month! We've put together a little infographic to show the average matched betting profits of OddsMonkey Premium members. Congratulations everyone!

If you haven't signed up yet, take a look and you could be adding £500, £600, £700+ to your bank account every month.

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2016 Profits.png
2016 has been fantastic and it's been great to see the monthly reported matched betting profits from our OddsMonkey Premium members - matched bettors of all experience levels.

Depending on the amount of time you spend matched betting and the number and type of offers you do, you could earn up to £1500 a month with OddsMonkey. As you can see, since we re-launched the site in April, OddsMonkey Premium members have reported average earnings of £600+. Want a piece of the action? Well...what are you waiting for?! Become an OddsMonkey Premium member

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